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Recent Work

The eco-centre in Craik was a project that we lead with in the re-sawing and joinery of their straw bale, timber-framed multipurpose building.  This is used as the golf clubhouse, restaurant, gift shop and offers meeting areas for business gatherings, etc.   My daughter and I went last week, and  there was a CD release party for a country musician that had grown up near there and we had a wonderful lunch listen.  So if you are passing by on the #11 highway, stop in and check out our work while having a nice bite to eat.  Or simply take a bench in the passive solar rock hallway that is a soothing place to sit in.  It was built with care by all involved and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.  It gives us, at Last Mountain Timber, pleasure to work with people that are active and parallel in a lasting approach.  Thanks to all, it is nice to see it as a working example of the way buildings can be.  Good luck!

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What it says...

"In its first round, old growth timber was hidden away inside warehouses ... Now the same lumber has the starring role in some of the grandest homes ever built.

Lincoln Dobson, owner of Last Mountain Timber Wrighting and Recycling in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan ... knows there is nothing to match them as a source of old growth timbers and dimensional lumber, and the demand for these is worldwide and growing. 

...slowly air-dried and tight grained, with outsize dimensions, a rock solid stability and unmatched patina and texture. These are the raw materials for extraordinary timber frame homes..."

Other Work

image2.jpg (49904 bytes)Presently, we are involved in the salvaging and processing of recycled old- growth timber. We have supplied custom cut timber orders from as far east as Quebec and Maryland and as far west as California and Vancouver Island. Moreover, we have been involved in numerous custom milling projects such as Tongue and Groove Flooring, casings and baseboards. Other craftsmen and women have been building staircases, doors, shelves and beds - all radiating the mature look of antique wood.

image3.jpg (47783 bytes)As 2003 ended we found a lot to be thankful for as the Borgers moved into their 3800 square foot cottage on the shores of Last Mountain Lake, just one kilometre from our yard and shop. The timber-frame was cut from a collection of 100% recycled timber and has been handcrafted using traditional joinery throughout. In addition, the stairs, doors, baseboards, casing and plank flooring were all cut from the same recycled materials. As shown in our pictures, recycled timbers portray a unique and earned history adding to the beauty and art of timber-framing. We are pleased to have been able to build a great home for a great couple. Thanks Don & Heidi!

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2005-03-15 We have just finished putting up some timber framing in Rick and Solange Godedir's new cottage on Pelletier Lake, south of Swift Current.  Half of the basement is timber framed along with the great room and part of the kitchen.  This is known as a 'hybrid' and we have done may examples of this and it works well.  If we find that budget does not allow for a complete timber frame home, it should be considered.  Thanks Rick and Solange. Enjoy!

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