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The Shop

We have consolidated our business in Buena Vista, Saskatchewan with the development of a new shop, offices, and storage yard.

work3.JPG (39067 bytes) The shop is scheduled to be completed by the new year and will be constructed of recycled spruce timbers. In an effort to achieve maximum energy efficiency while using local materials we will be insulating our shop with straw bale, fiberglass pink and styrofoam insulation. We also plan to incorporate both passive and active solar energy sources into our shop in hopes that we may provide environmental stewardship in our community.

work4.jpg (144257 bytes) Upon completion of our shop, we plan on raising a 2700 sq.ft. wood storage building to better maintain the desirable moisture content that has been already achieved through the 40 - 110 year drying processes that is in 99% of the material that we use and sell.

We hope that you can come by and visit our shop and see the various building and finishing techniques that are available for your project.

We will be updating this page regularly so feel free to visit us again see the progress that we are making on our own project!

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