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Preserving Heritage

Throughout history we have witnessed the destruction of old growth forests around the globe. Certainly the availability of old growth timbers in North America decreases every year. And while the majority of our available old growth timbers have already been used in past structures, they are still available through the recycling of timbers pulled from older structures. This is commonly referred to as the harvesting of the industrial forest.

Not so many years ago demolition companies would discard of all materials in landfills. Fortunately these practices are beginning to change as demolition crews are beginning to carefully dismantle older buildings to preserve the timbers. And although it is regrettable that these buildings have become redundant, we feel honoured to be able to reconnect people with a slice of our heritage through the construction of new timber framed structures. Today we salvage over 100, 000 board feet of timbers per year. And not only are we conducting ecologically and historically sound practices - but we are also able to provide the most structurally sound timbers available.

Using undried (green) timbers may compromise the structural and visual integrity of your project. Kiln drying of newly harvested timbers has reached a zenith in its evolution with the introduction of microwave technology. Not only are the timbers dried with this technology generally more expensive, they also lack that special character which is inherent in recycled timbers.

Last Mountain is proud to have been a catalyst in the preservation and resurrection of some of the world's finest old growth wood. Our timbers are dried naturally and deliver unmatched beauty and strength. Each timber that we use in your project is a reminder of past generations and will remain that way for generations to come. Contact us and get your own slice of history!

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