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Building Your Timber Frame

deck2.jpg (161026 bytes)Last Mountain Timber is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of products and services including design/design consultation, fabrication, raising and enclosure, and some interior finishing. We draw from a pool of skilled designers and joiners and use only the finest recycled old growth timbers. Most importantly we maintain an overarching commitment of working with our clients to ensure that the project is completed timely and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

Planning Your Project

image5.jpg (77131 bytes) Naturally the first item to be considered is the budget. Financial considerations will ultimately influence the size, style, and finishing details of your timber frame project. Our goal then is to communicate with you to determine your building needs and then fit them into a design framework to meet your financial abilities. We view this as an organic process and encourage our clients / perspective clients to contact us with any questions in this area.

Last Mountain Timber is pleased to offer a full range of design services. We are also committed to working with any designer of your choice. Regardless of whom you choose to design your project, we will be there through the entire design process to ensure that your vision is reflected in the final product.

Cutting and Raising Your Final Design

image6.jpg (110032 bytes) The next step in the process involves detailed joinery and frame drawings, the blue prints and the engineering of the blue prints. These are necessary components in attaining building permits and upon completion usher in the process of cutting and raising your timber frame.

We currently maintain a large inventory of timbers on site. Unlike many timber framing companies, this allows us to inspect each timber first hand to choose the best quality timbers as well as to avoid construction delays due to supply delays. In addition, our bulk purchases of timbers allow us to pass on savings to our clients.

work5.jpg (90588 bytes) After the timbers have been chosen they are re-sawn on our portable saw mill. During this process the beauty of these old growth timbers emerges and it becomes apparent to our craftsmen what an honour it is to be working with these materials. We then employ modern mortise and tenon technology in conjunction with hand tools to finely craft each timber to specifications. Once completed, the members are transported to your chosen site and raised by our craftsmen. Achieving an advanced hands on approach leaves the craftsman and client with a personal satisfaction that is shared on raising day and for generations to come.

Enclosure and Finishing

Typically we finish with tongue and groove materials on truss systems and with drywall on walls. Then we incorporate available technologies to provide a seamless system of structural insulation (stress skin paneling).

image7.jpg (79159 bytes) With growing energy costs and environmental concerns, we are committed to making your home as energy efficient as possible. Therefore we are pleased to be able to provide a wide range of insulating options including 2x6 fiberglass pink, foam, and straw bale. In addition, we are interested in working with designs that incorporate alternative energy sources such as passive and active solar and geothermal.

If you are interested in maintaining a common building theme throughout your project -- we are able to supply a wide variety of raw and finished materials. You can purchase tongue and groove plank flooring cut and milled from our stock of timbers to compliment your exposed timbers. In addition, we are able to supply your finishing tradesmen with edge grain boards and planks to craft baseboards, casing, doors, and staircases for your finished project.

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 Please contact us for further details on building your own timber frame.

From demolition site, to our shop, to your bedroom.

You can have a custom timber frame bed that is one of a kind, a dream to sleep on and an excellent addition of furniture that will amaze others who see it. Not to mention it to be a great heirloom that may show up on the Antiques Roadshow in the year 3050.

 We ship anywhere in North America and hope that we can start on an investment that you will be proud of. Like everyone we have had the pleasure of building one for!  We are open to any ideas you may have to make it just right for you!

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